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Opportunity Kenya is a local, limited liability microfinance company. We have been in operation since 2006, serving the economically active poor and aiding them to get out of chronic poverty by transforming their lives.

Opportunity International is the majority shareholder (84%) of Opportunity Kenya while WEDCO is the minority shareholder (16%). Opportunity Kenya’s board has directors from Opportunity International and WEDCO (Representing Care Canada)

Our operations span across 4 provinces reaching out to millions of under served Kenyans with our growing range of products and services.


Location: Eastern Africa bordering the Indian Ocean.

Population: 40 million.

Average Life Expectancy: 58 years.

Poverty: 50% of population is below the poverty line.

Economy:Agriculture 75% , Industry & Service 25%.

Government: Gained independence in 1963.

Religions: Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, Muslim 10%, Other 12%.

Languages: English, Kiswahili, Numerous Indigenous Groups.