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Since 1997 Urwego Opportunity Bank (UOB) has been serving Rwandans who are economically-active but whose banking needs are underserved.  As a Christian microfinance bank, UOB seeks to provide opportunities for those in poverty to transform their lives, not only economically, but socially and spiritually. Learn more about us.

We offer a full range of deposit and savings accounts that provide a safe means for storing savings and earning interest.  Savings accounts allow our clients to participate in investment opportunities, insure against hard times, and pay for expenses of life events such as weddings and funerals. Our loan products include traditional group loans through our Trust Group/Community Banking Group lending model,  individual Micro-Business Loans, Micro-Consumer loans, and other flexible loan products.

Holistic Life Improvement (HLI) modules provide a unique service of giving specific advice to promote client transformation.  The modules cover three broad areas: Business Management, Household Financial Management, and Health Management.

We are also providing microinsurance for mitigating life risk and affordable remittances.

The Five Components of Our Microfinance:

1. Credit:  Loans for microenterprises and consumers so they can achieve economic transformation.

2. Savings:  Deposit products for microenterprises and consumers so they can safely save their money and have convenient access to cash when needed.

3. Insurance Services:  For microenterprises and consumers so they can secure protection against unexpected tragedies, natural disasters, and/or crop failures.

4. Remittance Services:  Affordable channels so microenterprises and consumers can send and receive funds.

5. Education/Training:  On-going education/training for microenterprises and consumers so they can achieve social and spiritual transformation.